Best Selling Floating Speakers in 2016

Top 5 Floating Speakers


A year ago many people have not heard about floating speakers, but nowadays everyone seems to talk about them, and when it comes to invest in a new sound system, people choose this one. Because the demand is so big, more and more companies started to design new models of levitating speakers, which are based on the Bluetooth technology. Although there are so many models on the market, when they were tested, they proved to have different issues, with the sound quality, battery life or connectivity with other devices, so from the large number of devices available on the market on the present, only a few of them are reliable enough to invest in.

Floating speakers are impressive with their design, and many persons are tempted to choose the model, which seems to suit in the design of their house, without analyzing the features, or reading the reviews. Battery life, sound quality and connectivity are crucial features, and according to them, these devices should be evaluated. Considering specific criteria every sound system should meet, here is a top with the 5 floating speakers our specialists consider worthy to purchase.

  1. Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is considered to provide the highest sound quality from the levitating speakers’ models, both when people are using it for phone conversations and listening to music. This device proves great effectiveness because it can be connected with a great variety of devices that feature Bluetooth, which differentiates it from the other ones that are compatible with a short list of gadgets. Because the bulb levitates thanks to the magnetic technology incorporated both in the base and floating part, the sound quality was improved, getting close to perfection, because it does not come in contact with other objects or surfaces. The battery life is reviewed as one of the long lasting ones, so Mars just seems to be a great choice when it comes to floating speakers.


ICEORB seems to be the standard version of the ICEORB Harmony, being a levitating speaker that features a 25 mm thick base and an orb, which gravitates above it. The base is created as a charging dock for the levitating sphere, and it also features an in-build USB port which allows the users to charge their other devices when it is connected to a power sources. It is great rated in the reviews thanks to its extended battery life, which seems to last up to ten hours, which is seen as an advantage when speaking of this type of devices. Since its release, users continually state that it is exceptional and without equal, and the device has the power to change the way people are listening to music.

  1. Star Wars Death Star

This device is a dream come true for the Star Wars enthusiasts and not only, being a gadget which has a futurist design and innovative features. This floating speaker had made a statement on the specialized market thanks to its unique design and music quality. Star Wars Death Star is different from the other levitating speakers not only thorough the out of the ordinary design, but also through the advanced features, which allows it to glow in the dark. Because it has a circular shape, the sound is emitted in all directions, and the user benefits from an improved sound quality. When it comes to connectivity, this device could be easily synced with a great variety of gadgets.


Music angel is the devices, which draws people’s attention thanks to its simplicity, looking like a disco ball, or orbiting sphere, which is able to deliver great sound quality. The music enthusiasts find it incredible, because it is a great accessory with a long lasting battery life. When it comes to its size, people can notice that is a small object, and they might have second thoughts about the sound quality, but they could not be more impressed about a sound system than with this one, which emits decent sound quality. Because it features a 360 degrees design, the music is heard at the same intensity in every corner of the room, even when it is used to a party, where many people are present. The design itself is the one that impresses, because it is a black gadget that features purple accents once it is turned on.

  1. ICEORB Harmony

ICEORB Harmony is one of a kind sound system, which brings a change in the way floating speakers look and function. ICE created this model for meeting people’s requirements of a levitating speaker that is not similar to the multitude of gadgets available on the market. When looking at the design of this levitating speaker buyers are able to see what makes it different from the others, its shape, which is not circular, rectangular or box-shaped, but a unique oval form. ICEORB Harmony features a revolutionary Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism, which indicates the user the stability of the orb while gravitating above its base.