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MUSIC ANGEL Floating Speaker Review

MUSIC ANGEL Floating Speaker Review

  • Sound quality
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life


Portable Bluetooth speakers are getting popular by the minute and it is really amazing how they manage to float. The floating levitating speakers that you see more and more everywhere are indeed cool, but they will most likely put you in a “or” situation. You can either buy a speaker that offers great sound quality, or a levitating speaker that delivers less impressive quality. However, with the MUSIC ANGEL floating speaker, you will not be required to make this choice since this device offers you the best of both worlds. The MUSIC ANGEL has a definite “cool factor”, not to mention that the Bluetooth floating speaker compliments floating by emerging it in blue LED lights. MUSIC ANGEL is definitely worth talking about since it is the most interesting thing of all.

What makes the Music Angel floating speaker stand out:

  • 3D sound that will ignite all your senses and that is loud enough for any occasion. Thanks to the distortion free timbre, you can crank the music up.
  • LED color produces charming lights to accompany your music as well as your mood.
  • Plays music through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, etc. You can access music from anywhere and anytime while the speaker is floating.
  • The speaker rotates 360° and the direction of the rotation is at your discretion
  • Gift? The person who has everything will not shut up about the speaker you got them.

The amazing floating effect

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It is quite obvious that the most interesting feature of the speaker is the fact that it floats above the base station. For the levitation to work, the base station has to be connected to AC power. What you have to do is gently place the speaker over the center of the base and it is recommended that you hold it lightly with your fingers and thumbs. Slowly lower the orb until it feels like it is floating on its own. Let go and voila! You can also make the orb spin automatically, in which case you have to rotate the orb once manually and get it spinning in the right direction.

Futuristic design of the Music Angel

While you are mainly buying this device for the floating effect, it will definitely look sensational at your desk. What really makes the floating speaker look fancy is the LED lights. The floating speaker adds great aesthetics to your living room, while keeping the audio performance intact. The base of the MUSIC ANGEL floating speaker has a divine blue glow and the speaker may occasionally flash blue while it is on. The Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, compact and elegant-looking. It is amazing that with only a simple tap or swipe you can operate the small yet powerful speakers. Thanks to the touch-sensitive control, you will only need to lightly tap them to play or pause music, which would generally be difficult.

Performant sound quality

The looks of the MUSIC ANGEL floating speaker are impressive, but it does its job as a speaker. Some people qualify the sound quality as good, but the reality is that the overall sound quality is excellent. Taking into account its size, the floating speaker exceeds expectations. This little guy has superb volume levels for a rich high stereo sound. The quality audio is due to the floating effect; since nearby objects will not be absorbing any sounds that it emits, the effect increased. The MUSIC ANGEL floating sound actually matches its wow factor. The 360 degrees’ surround system will be heard just as good from any corner of the room, especially during parties.  The buttons on top of the speaker are touch, so by the simple touch of a button you can control the volume, pause or play.

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The functionality aspect

Taking into consideration that MUSIC ANGEL is a Bluetooth speaker, you have the possibility to receive phone calls thanks to the touch controls of the speaker. The built-in mic will literally allow you to use the device as a speakerphone. Additionally, the floating speaker has a micro USB port for charging and of course a power button. The bottom is the one that contains the magnet and a rubber case should you want to use it as a portable speaker. The point is that the speaker not only looks futuristic, but it acts futuristic as well.

What about battery life?

The 500mAh battery of the MUSIC ANGEL floating speaker will allow you to enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime. What is important to mention is that the speaker has built power saving features, so you better get ready for non-stop fun.


“The LED lights nicely compliment the floating speaker orb. MUSIC ANGEL has touch controls that are appreciated as it lets you control the volume without needing to remove it from its floating position.”