Best Selling Floating Speakers in 2016

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

  • Sound quality
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life

With an innovative design and amazing quality, the ICEORB Floating Speaker is one of the best products currently available on the market. At a first glance it certainly impresses with its magnificent futuristic design and at a closer look you will discover a variety of cool features incorporated in it. In fact, the entire technology behind floating speakers has been a true revolution for the audio industry and this particular design certainly is a best seller. The ICEORB floating speaker is at the top of the list and the first choice of many connoisseurs because of its increased battery life and excellent value for money.

Product specifications of the ICEORB Floating Speaker:

  • Weight: 2 pounds;
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.7 x 2.6;
  • 3D sound effects;
  • Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism;
  • 360° Sound.

Product description

ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

Those who are looking for a product that enables them to listen to music in a different manner will surely love the ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker. Its design is truly one of the best there is, as it has a gorgeous grey and blue metallic look and completely different than everything else currently available on the market. The product is formed from two parts: the base which is also the charging dock and the floating Orb. This is a true masterpiece in terms of audio devices, because it really takes the sound quality to an entirely new level. The base also levitates the Orb and it is 25mm thick. It also has a USB port where users can charge their smartphones or tablets when the device is connected to a power sources. This way users can rest assured that they will not run out of battery when they play music from their phones.

The ICEORB includes Bluetooth and NFC technology and it is compatible with any smart device, so users will only need a smartphone or a tablet in order to play music on their levitating speaker. The product easily connects with any device and the fact that the orb spins at 360° while it floats means that the sound can reach the entire room perfectly. The Orb has a dynamic stabilization mechanism, making it easier to use and more stable. This is one of those revolutionary features, as very few floating speakers had this technology integrated before the ICEORB and even newer models can lack it sometimes. While the Orb may seem quite small at first, it will not disappoint in terms of sound quality, as it produces clear sounds in all directions, without any distortions, even when it is used at maximum values. While the product has been designed to be used while floating, it can also serve as a standalone speaker, which is always a plus.

About the battery

The ICEORB Floating Speaker has a built-in battery that can be recharged. The battery lasts for quite a long time compared to other similar products on the market, which is a very important advantage given that you won’t have to charge it as often and you will be able to use it for a longer time. The developers have certainly made sure that their product will not disappoint users in terms of battery life.

ICEORB is easy to use

ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review 1

The product comes with clear guidelines on how to use it, but those who have never used a floating speaker before might have a more difficult time in making it float for the first time. However, with a little patience and practice, you will surely manage to get the hang of it. The product has a play and pause button as well as a volume button, so managing songs will also not pose any problems.

Value for money

Considering that this is one of the best speakers on the market, its price is a fair one. The ICEORB really offers an impressive performance and the fact that it is available at a decent price makes it an excellent purchase, definitely worth the investment. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift, you will be happy with your choice.


“Its top quality and futuristic design make the ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Speaker one of the best products on the market!”

To conclude, the ICE ORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker certainly is very impressive. Its amazing features and quality are enough to impress any user, regardless of their experience with similar products. Using it is pretty straight forward and the unique design will appeal to even the most demanding customer. Users can listen to music from any smart device or even SD cards and they will enjoy the effects that the surround sound offers them. This is the type of speaker that can offer users a different type of music experience and enable them to enjoy your time to the fullest.