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ICE ORB Harmony Champagne Review

ICE ORB Harmony Champagne Review

  • Sound quality
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Battery Life

People nowadays are tired of devices, which seem to share the same features, and the only difference between them is the way they look. Numerous electronics firms are offering in the present days a wide variety of types of portable Bluetooth speakers, but no one of them seems to impress the buyers with their characteristics. The majority of buyers do not even try a new device, because they have the feeling that they have to choose from a great amount of products, which lack differentiation and diversity, and they find difficult to decide upon one. But those days are long gone, because now they have the possibility to invest in an amazing device called ICE ORB Harmony Bluetooth Speaker, Champagne, which seems to be very unique and out-of-the-ordinary when compared to the others. The company called ICE is aware of this feeling of saturation people experience, when they want to buy a new device and they designed a device which is portable, but that comes with a great number of features that make it a special and one of-a-kind device.

Discover the design

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Many people choose to invest in this type of device because they are impressed by the way, it looks, and the design of this one is a breath-taking one. There are plenty of portable speakers on the market, but no one’s design seems to be more elegant and stylish in the same time. Once placed in a room, it looks like it was part of the design from the start, and it inspires people to meditation and relaxation. This one has no circular, rectangular or box-shaped form, as the common ones do, the designers conceived it in a very unique way, people finding easy to identify it. It was created to feature two parts, one that is designed as a standalone sphere which floats into the air, and which actually is the part that produces sound, and a circular base that has 25 mm thickness. The orb floats above the base, and it creates an effect of defying gravity.  The floating speaker levitates while playing the favorite tracks of the user, which are saved in his smartphone, or any other compatible device. This feature is enabled by the ICE’s levitating speaker design, which puts a high stress on the Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism. This mechanism is the one that indicates the stability of the floating part while this one levitates at a height of about 10 mm above the base. However, even if the device is conceived to be used while floating above the base, the users also have the possibility to play music on it while it stands by its own, away from the base.

What about the performance?

Many people are not interested only of the design of the device, because they are aware that behind the beautiful look might hide a technology, which does not have great performance, and this is the reason they are reading floating speaker reviews 2016. But with this device the things are different, because the users will benefit from both an astounding sound quality, and a hard to equal look. ICE ORB floating speaker offers its users an impressive sound quality, and this might be surprising for the ones who only now find out that the music is played by the upper part, which is actually moving while playing the songs.

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The fact is that exactly this is the characteristic that improves its performance, because the sound does not meet any obstacle in its way to the hearer. Because it has kind of spherical shape, the sound that comes out of it can be hard at 360 degrees, and this improves the user’s experience. Even if the orb has a small size, the user will have no difficulties in hearing the sound detailed and clear, no matter where he is staying in the room. And after using it for a time people are also stating in the floating speaker review that even at maximum volume the sound has no distortions. Depending on the preferences of the user the device can deliver sounds when it is used a stand-alone portable speaker, or while it floats above the base. One important aspect, which influences the performance of this type of device, is that battery, and this one is designed with a rechargeable battery that allows the user to use it up to 10 hours, after fully charging it. Considering the battery life of the others, this one has a quite long one, making it one of the most wanted devices from the market. And what’s more, if the user chooses to connect it to a direct power source he can also connect it to the other devices he uses.

Speaking about connectivity

Nowadays people are interested in the connectivity of the devices they are buying, and ICE ORB Harmony Bluetooth Speaker can be used via an Aux input, NFC or Bluetooth. The users had not found any difficulties in connecting it with any type of devices, and they find it easy to control and access, and convenient in the same time. Because it also features the Near Field Communication technology, this device allows the user to pair it with another device. For doing this, the user only has to tap the device to the floating speaker.