Best Selling Floating Speakers in 2016

Air 2 CSBT Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Air 2 CSBT Floating Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Sound quality
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life

Floating speakers are the latest innovation in the world of technology. These gadgets have gained more and more popularity in the past years, since people are now fascinated about products that are not only extremely efficient, but also good looking. This stylish little device is very convenient and powerful, contrary to its appearance. The futuristic design appeals buyers from all around the world, eager to discover how performing the speaker actually is. While there is no doubt that it looks amazing, a levitating speaker’s quality is often underrated. In case you have been reluctant to purchasing one, you should know that certain manufacturers have created gadgets that can reach the highest standards of performance. Wireless floating Bluetooth speakers are definitely something you have to try.

The Air 2 Red Wireless Levitating Speaker, for instance, is a product that will not let you down. This brand has already have some experience in the industry, being one of the first manufacturers to offer this type of devices, which is why this gadget provides a qualitative audio experience. As soon as you see it, you will want to buy one. The classy design is perfect for those passionate about technology, while its features will fascinate anyone who enjoys listening to music. Take your experience to a whole new level with this new speaker that has some unique specifications. Read on to discover some of its most remarkable features.

A brief overview of the Air 2 CSBT-311-RED Floating Speaker


As same as any other floating speaker, the product manufactured by Air 2 consists in two main components: the actual speaker and the stable base, which enables you to place the device on a plane surface. For most people, the mystery is how can the upper part really levitate? Well, the secret is that each of the two components mentioned above has an integrated magnet that repels one another. This way, while the lower part remains fixed on the desk or any other surface, the other one floats freely in the air. This is based on a system called ‘magnetic levitation’. Although it is not new to technology experts, the concept has been used for the first time in the field of electronics in the creation of these revolutionary levitating gadgets.

As far as the sound quality is concern, the magnetic levitation system also enables you to have access to high performance. The speaker comes with an integrated microphone, a strong battery as well as a smooth flat design. As a reliable proof of this gadget’s performance, you should probably know that it has been awarded with the 2015 Best of Innovation, a prize offered by CES Innovation, during an international event dedicated exclusively to the electronics industry. As you can see, if you do decide to buy the Air 2’s CSBT-311-RED Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker, you are going to get a reliable, stylish, performing and last but not least, affordable product.

Features and capabilities

When it comes to technical features and characteristics, experts have analysed details related to design, sound quality, battery life and also technical specifications. Here are some of the most relevant details you must know:

Sound quality and performance

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While some people think that a device that looks so good cannot deliver excellent results in terms of performance, the Air 2 CSBT-311-RED Floating Speaker is the clear proof they could not be any more wrong. In spite of looking extremely futuristic and having a stylish design, this gadget is considered more than just a mere accessory for your desk or living room. Technology fans can confirm that this speaker is not only beautiful, but also quite performing. This means that in case you have been looking for a top product of the industry, but you only managed to find bulky boxes that look unpolished, this device is the perfect alternative. Those who have already tried this speaker claim it has managed to exceed their expectations, which means you should also give it a try. You can connect it, via Bluetooth, to a phone, laptop or personal computer, and the results will be the same: accurate sounds for you to enjoy the music you love.


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The first thing you need to know about this Air 2 floating speaker is that it has a microphone integrated, so that you can have access to hands free operations while you use it. Needless to say, this is extremely useful. As far as the battery is concerned, this product can compete with any other similar item on the market, since it comes with an integrated Li-Ion battery that simply needs recharging once it is done. What is actually special about the Air 2 CSBT-311-RED Floating Speaker is that unlike other gadgets, whose battery life barely reaches several hours, this one is long lasting and strong, lasting up to 12 hours of playtime. As a result, the speaker is ideal for a road trip, a short expedition and of course, a house party. In addition to this, the device is compatible with a number of other mobile devices, so you do not have to worry about not being able to connect it to an operational system, either iOS or Android. The new Bluetooth v4.0 technology makes the speaker very user friendly.


If you are to name a stylish floating speaker, then the Air 2 CSBT-311-RED should definitely be your choice. Its lines, as same as its red colour make it ideal for any type of interior and technology specialists love it. Seeing its smooth finish and delicate design, you will simply cannot resist it, especially if you also read about its features. This product has a neat aspect, bright colour and futuristic accessories – the perfect combination for a modern, late hour generation gadget.