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Floating Speakers is your source of information. Are you looking for accurate floating speakers reviews? On our website, you can browse through a great number of reviews, for a wide variety of models. Floating speakers are the latest gadgets when it comes to sound systems, featuring innovative characteristics, which make them people’s first choice, when it comes to purchasing a new addition for their house, or finding a gift for their friends. These modern devices impress more and more users every day, with the technology they incorporate, and with the design, which seems to defy gravity. They float over the base using wireless charging technology and magnets, and only when thinking about the combination you realize how impressive they are. The sound experience is improved considerably thanks to the futuristic design.

Because they are quite new on the market, and people might definitely have heard of them, but they do not know if they should invest their money in this type of device or not, we have created this website to review some of the best floating speakers from the market, and provide them all the information they so much long for. We cover products provided by a large number of manufacturers, and evaluate them according to some specific features, for being able to provide accurate information about them, and offer people the opportunity to compare different models. You will find reviews for devices which meet any budget or requirements because we want for our site to be the place where you find all the details you need. Because floating speakers have become the new thing on the market, everyone should have, we created a top with our favorite 5 levitating speakers, so take a look at them before deciding to purchase a certain one.

The Floating Speakers team is passionate about gadgets and technology, and tests the latest sound systems on the market with the purpose to offer their readers complete and complex levitating speaker reviews.  Take a look at our reviews and tops and find useful details about the latest technology innovation!